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Kate Marie Grinold

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Kate Marie believes in the American Dream because she has lived it.

She defends and promotes human dignity around the world because she believes we must always be in solidarity with those in need.


Kate Marie Grinold walked a rather atypical path to the Miss America Pageant — or perhaps ‘walked’ is the wrong word to describe her journey.

In between her childhood years in a small western mining town and her coronation as Miss DC in the nation’s capital, Kate Marie made a point to grasp every opportunity to experience the world around her. She studied classical ballet at some of America’s most prestigious academies. She traveled the world from Europe to Russia. She lived in Argentina, where she learned to Tango. She traversed Patagonian glaciers at the end of the world, and met weekly with renowned human rights leaders to expand her horizons.

And above all else, Kate Marie dedicated herself to an education that would prepare her for a life of service to others. She graduated with a BA in International Affairs from the George Washington University in 2008.

An accomplished ballet dancer, Kate Marie believes the arts help define and celebrate who we are as people and must be shared across borders, cultures and communities. Her international travels and personal passion for the study of international affairs have informed Kate Marie’s belief that we can all play a role in combating issues of poverty, healthcare and human rights across the world.

Today, Kate Marie speaks out on issues of human rights and human dignity, across a range of policy areas from education in American schools to human rights around the world.

Kate Marie is an inspiring American success story.

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