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Statement on Judge’s ruling in Rodney Austin case

June 9, 2015

Statement by Mark Magazu, President & CEO of Atlas Strategies, following the judge’s ruling:

The Judge in Rodney’s case saw fit to convict him of a misdemeanor offense.  We disagree with the ruling but accept the outcome.

We urge everyone to keep perspective – this is a misdemeanor offense, no one was injured, no one has alleged injury as a result of any alleged action, and the court did not find that anyone had been injured.

Rodney maintains his innocence and encourages anyone interested in knowing what type of person he is to talk to people who have known him his whole life – coaches, teachers, professors and members of his community.

I sincerely hope that the NFL gives this young man an opportunity to reclaim his employment.  Rodney is financially responsible for both his mother and his child, and it would be a devastating perversion of justice if the league allows a misdemeanor offense to destroy a young man, his dreams and his family.