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What We Do

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Atlas Strategies provides custom, industry-leading representation and consulting services to select organizations, professional athletes and entertainers.

Sports & Entertainment

Our philosophy: You perform, we manage the rest.

Sound representation neither begins nor ends with contract negotiation. Financial security, media management, reputation building, endorsements, legal guidance and a long-term view of your overall life and career must be part of the plan.

Atlas Strategies specializes in developing comprehensive career strategies for our clients.

Media & Communications

Successful organizations excel because they communicate the right message to the right people with effective ‘get out the message’ strategies.

The Atlas team helps businesses and organizations think through the important questions: What do we want to say? Who are we talking to? How do we reach them? What is the best strategy to achieve the results we want?

We don’t tell you how to run your business – we help develop more effective methods of communication so that you can grow your business.